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Yellow, Green, and Red Roller Coaster

Yellow, Green, and Red Roller Coaster by: What’s missing from one of chiropractic’s most famous charts? Many chiropractors have a great chart, that shows a graph of “health” over time.  And it depicts two lines, of two different possibilities.  One being a steadily ascending line going upwards as the chart progresses to the right (albeit,…

When You Feel Weak

When You Feel Weak by: Being weak isn’t just about a certain level of strength.  About not having big muscles, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, or NFL football players.  And it’s not about combat, like a tough UFC fighter, or a competitive collegiate wrestler. While those are all examples of strength, not being one of those things…

What DO You DO When You Are Feeling Good?

What DO You DO When You Are Feeling Good? by: A lesson you learn working in a chiropractic office is that people are motivated by pain. You have likely experienced this yourself. A problem arises, seems relatively minor, and gets no attention – until it gets worse, and worse, and worse, and DEMANDS your ATTENTION…

Too Much – How to Say Yes to More

Too Much – How to Say Yes to More by: Chiropractic is about bringing “more” into your life. The challenge is that these days it can be hard to bring more into your life… Without it breaking you down. Today there are more opportunities than ever.  More exciting job and career options, ways to make…

Kids Today Are Moving Less Than Ever

Kids Today Are Moving Less Than Ever by: And so is (nearly) everyone else. Between television, phone screen time, coding workshops, and wired school classrooms, many kids today are growing up sedentary. While at the same time, research has shown that we understand more than ever the benefits of movement for children’s development – For…


Good. by: Author Jocko Willink has a famous phrase: “Good.” The hardened Navy SEAL instructor and leadership professional uses a tough message when people have problems.  Even in his children’s books. Having trouble at school?  “Good.” Someone giving you a hard time?  “Good.” Can’t physically do what the other kids do? “Good.” How does this…


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