Chiropractic Testimonials

"As a former Olympic diver, I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Dan. I have more energy and flexibility."

- Ron M.

"I have been sleeping much better since my adjustments which have improved my moods. Dr. Dan is a great Chiropractor and treats his patients with respect and quality care."

- Donna B.

"My job physically has become easier thanks to my adjustments. I can really tell a difference when I miss my appointments."

- Seretta P.

"I am able to actually run now unlike a year and a half ago. Thank You Dr. Dan."

- Doris M.

"I am able to sleep better, have less pain, and decreased headaches all from my adjustments. Less pain has meant I have much better moods."

- Kristen W.

"My energy levels have really gone up. I have improved strength and a greater range of motion."

- Leo R.

"I really enjoy coming to see Dr. Dan and very pleased with the care he provides."

- Diane R.

"After my adjustment, I felt “whole” again. I have improved digestion and better posture."

- Jessica S.

"I am sleeping better, have more energy, and able to reach a deeper level of relaxation."

- Dave K.

"My adjustments have been easy and painless. My stiffness is relieved almost immediately after."

- Pat B.

"I have been having less and less headaches, which is great!"

- Margarita G.

"My neck feels great. The adjustment was great."

- Ken C.

"I definitely noticed a difference right away. I feel a lot better after just one adjustment."

- Chris K.

"I enjoying not only seeing Dr. Dan but the staff as well. Everyone is very friendly and make me feel welcomed and comfortable."

- Melissa K.

"I always feel better after adjustments. Dr. Dan makes me feel comfortable and I am very thankful to him and his staff."

- Kristina T.

"I had never been to a Chiropractor before and wasn’t sure what to expect. Dr. Dan made me feel very comfortable and I am extremely blessed with my care."

- Linda B.


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